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YieldCoin (YLD)

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Date of introduction:  ICO: 01 March 2018 – 31 May 2018

Rank on Coinmarketcap: N/A

Current price:  ICO: 0.02 USD per YC

Current circulating supply: N/A         

Total Maximum Supply: 5,000,000,000 YLD tokens

Minable: No

Official Website:  https://myyield.io

Whitepaper: https://myyield.io/#whitepaper


What is YieldCoin

Yield Coin is a diverse multipurpose token pegged to a group of businesses structured in different sectors, creating one of the only non-single point of failure tokens, backed by Finance and Banking experts. Their vision is to create a trustworthy, convenient, and exchangeable token with longevity and continued growth potential. Yield Coin is pegged to multiple businesses which have proven track records, both in terms of business success and in trading the Financial Markets. Our collective community of over 1,800 traders worldwide are ready to adopt the robust and diverse Yield Coin. Our official partners have a global reach of 40,000 traders and over 200,000 individuals within their networks.


Samuel Leach

  • CEO & Founder
    Multi business owner, entrepreneur, and influencer bringing to Yield Coin a wealth of knowledge and ambition. His success and transparency in a clouded industry soon caught the public’s eye with Samuel becoming one of the most followed traders globally.

Matthew Wright

  • Digital Architect and Blockchain Developer
    Matthew is a renowned Digital Architect & Blockchain expert, a change agent, Crypto, FX and Stock trader and Ethereum miner. Matthew helps companies to grow exponentially and efficiently with real world solutions that are built using modern technology.

Kathy Robinson

  • Complex Infrastructure Project Manager
    Kathy brings to the company a wealth of experience and expertise in delivering projects. An APM and Prince2 accredited Professional Programme / Project Manager with 30+ years’ experience, excellent implementation skills and a proven track record of delivering and executing projects working across various industries.


ICO dates

1/2/18 – 28-2-18

01 March 2018 – 31 May 2018


Yield coin partners:

  • Two Blokes Trading (Trading Podcast)
  • Samuel & Co Trading (Forex trading company)
  • Redline supercars, large UK car dealership (Car dealership)
  • Rego Wealth (Wealth management / Financial advisors)
  • Totem Entertainment (Entertainment company)
  • Phase 2 Design (Design and manufacture company)
  • Elect Lifestyle Luxury travel and VIP service (able to hire/rent hotels, cars villas using YieldCoin) located in Miami
  • Thistle Initiatives, consultancy company ensuring the FCA requirements.
  • 52 Traders (Podcast)



Positive points

  • Are FCA regulated (unique in the crypto world)
  • Will include an Online Trading Platform designed to educate users. Which will include Cryptocurrency, Forex and Stocks. Free of charge
  • The platform will include an Expert Advisor (E.A.) that can trade for you.
  • Wants to become a multi-wallet for cryptos and fiat.



  • All employees working on the YieldCoin project, will be paid in YieldCoin instead of fiat.
  • Any tokens not sold before reaching hard cap will be burned, increasing the value of remaining coins


Marketing Reach

The total reach listed below is calculated using all followers/subscribers/listeners of all partners combined; 

Instagram: 500,000  

Twitter: 250,000 

Facebook: 1,000,000 

Podcast listeners: 40,000 

Email subscribers: 50,000


Public investment fund

Plans to launch an investment fund that will trade in Cryptocurrencies and Forex. This will be done by the experienced traders of the Samuel Leach team.

ICO contributors will be rewarded by this fund in means of a 50% pay out of the funds quarterly returns. This 50% will be distributed to all ICO investors according to their current holdings at that time.

The Samuel Leach & Co traders have outperformed major Hedgefunds over the past 18 months.



Exchanges (currently in negotiations)

  • Kraken
  • Binance
  • Bittrex
  • HitBTC
  • Poloniex
  • Bitfinex


 YieldCoin Explained (Video)


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